Or Will They?

In a recent article, I outlined some basic pointers to how you should be trying to gain more “eyeballs” on your offer, which included broadening your depth on social media platforms but most definitely the value of adding a website or blog to the mix.

The Truth About Getting Eyeballs To Your Offer

Your Blueprint To Collecting A Niche Audience


Now, let’s assume you have taken the advice of the guy living in a cave in Spain, and you bought a domain, hopefully, brand-orientated (more of that later), have someone building you a niche-relevant website and all is well with the world…?

People often think that once the domain and website are all in place, that’s it, “build it and they shall come”…sorry, they won’t…it’s a little like buying a new house if you do not tell anyone the new address…guess what…they won’t visit.

So, whether you have one social media platform or more, perhaps even some emails from people aware of what your service or product is, you need to shout out about it.

Place your new domain/website link, everywhere!

Drop it into your social media platform info section, include it in the signature of your emails and email those people in your hot or cold consumer list letting them know you have set up a website.


No, not really, more work HAS to be done.

Your new domain name has to be added to Google, and there is a specific procedure for doing that.

Something that you need to think about is the domain name AUTHORITY…yup they get graded on relevance to the niche, age and traffic.

Straight of the blocks, generally a domain name (if it’s a brand new, never registered before one) starts at 0 to 1 DA — Domain Authority…again much like, how well is that new address of yours known by people you want to know or would LIKE to know.

It can take years and years to move the pointer to greater DA levels, and it is something that helps grab your additional organic traffic…so how do you do it, how do you level up?

Ensuring your domain name is added to social media type platforms adds credibility to it, because social media platforms already carry much esteemed DA’s of around 90, not something general websites will attain.

There is a method called Backlinking, which basically means your domain has been added to various other high-authority websites, again, which adds credibility. This is achieved by commenting on a website with high DA, and ensuring your website link is included, guest posting with your included website link and several other methods that are beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say, this is a very hands-on set of methods, BUT worth it’s weight in gold.

How To Attract Visitors To Your Offer

Visitor Magnet Secrets Unveiled


You will see on your travels around the World Wide Web, offers to get you 1 million backlinks for $5…sound good? Hmmmm…services like this very rarely give you quality backlinks, in fact even with hundreds of thousands of backlinks you can be down graded by Google, if they are perceived as “poor” or “low quality” links…see, there’s a lot more to this than you thought eh?

Starting to feel out of your depth or too much of a struggle?

It’s ok, I know a fab service that can sort this all out for you and quality is a priority.

We now have in place, your website, links in both social media platforms and some juicy high domain backlinks to add to your credibility…floods of traffic time?

Well, nope…much as I mentioned in the previous article, even viewers buyer intent may well take multiple times of exposure to your offer before they progress to wallet.

So, what ya gonna do?

Consistent content creation that aims to send people:

a) to your prized digital address

b) in some way encourage them to subscribe to an email list that you have control of.

Now your content can be posts to your social media platform/s, preferably with associated eye-catching images or video, but my tried and tested method (which I would ALSO do) is having a blog on your website.

Blog posting does not have to be a massive chore, but in adding a new post, say once a week, and sharing it on your social media, or email list, will bring a percentage of people to check out your website. An additional benefit is that Google sniffs out whether or not your website has any activity and fresh content…all helps the ranking.

Now in a similar way to email marketing, your posts do NOT want to be constantly SELL, SELL, SELL…you are looking for a niche relevant audience and email list that resonates with YOU, people want and like to know the person or people behind the “brand”.

People Buy From People They Know Like And Trust

So, creating a blog that portrays you in a family or social activity…the setting sun over your factory…your dog walking on it’s two front paws, are more endearing than promo’s….if people are visiting your site to read the whole of the blog post, they will be exposed to your offers, in a more subtle way…if you set your website up correctly.

OK, so you have your website, you have your backlinks (which incidentally have to be updated regularly for relevance and to avoid links dropping off), your DA is slowly growing, you are popping a blog post on once or twice a month…is that it, everyone starts visiting your website?


What happens to the people who visit the website that do not subscribe, can you make money out of them?

Perhaps…so another thing you need to look at is monetising your website.

First and foremost ensuring people can make purchases easily or be locked in by using a contact form that will collect their email.

Besides this, you can look at Affiliate Marketing, a system whereby another vendor wants their product promoted and if you place a free link within your site and/or email newsletters, and the recipient purchases from that link, YOU get a commission…cool yes?

Add to that something like Ad Placement, Google pays for exposure to adverts they produce on your behalf on your website. It costs zero to sign up for and you really do need to make friends with Google, every little helps.

How this benefits you, is, that even if the visitor does not subscribe but looks over some Google Adverts, perhaps clicks on one…you’ll get financial recompense.

At this point, I am going to leave you to mull it all over BUT I ain’t going away for long. Next time I am going to cover Content Syndication and Private Blog Networks, these are useful services in spreading the word further and dropping your link on additional higher DA (Domain Authority) networks.

If you need any assistance with any or all of this, I am in the business of creating, hosting and driving traffic via TRAFFICGIGS and WECOPYWRITE, go check me out and drop me a line…it’s FREE to talk!

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham

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