The following are my own methods of getting REAL traffic/eyeballs on my offers, tried and tested for years. There isn’t a push-button solution, though many will advise you differently…this takes work.

At the outset, if you are not prepared to put the time in and realise there are no overnight returns…well, skip reading this.

Let’s talk about advertising, that lumbering beastie that soaks up your cash and returns very little…what’s the low down on that?

Now, many people run pretty successful social media pages/groups where they niche down and sell their products and services, of which I am well aware. However many do not have a website or blog…so what you may ask…more of that later.

The cost of social media platform promotion, let’s say within a group, generally is mostly time and perhaps, if you are a solopreneur, time to create content or cost to outsource media to inspire your group.

If you are a bigger entity and have deep pockets, you can pay for advertisement placement…and when I say deep pockets, I mean you have to have deep pockets to compete.

Yes, paid ads on social media sound like a great way to fire up your audience and potentially widen it…But, much like everywhere on the net, there are algorithms…don’t screw your face up, we ain’t getting away from the market manipulation of have and have not!

There was a time when social media advertising was super profitable and you could throw change at it and get fabulous returns. However, those with more to invest felt they should be positioned better and of course, could afford to be so.

Costs of advertising have rocketed over the years, nudging the general populus out of the playing field. If you have a million to put in the hat, then you will get the best service and exposure…so for most of us, that’s not viable and we end up picking up crumbs here and there or just burning cash, living in hope!

So, you may be interested in the ROI (Return On Investment) of social media platform advertising?

Recent data shows that for every dollar spent it yields $2.80…and that actually sounds like a good proposition, yes? But keep in mind this is based on big spending companies who may just get preferential treatment via the algorithm…call me cynical? Ha, that’s how business on and offline works, grease my palms and you’re in the club!

All sounds a bit grim, doesn’t it?

Another thing is, by focusing all of your attention on one social media platform you lay yourself open to any and all algorithm changes that at some point could blank you completely or dump you in their digital “jail”.

Many will advise you to focus solely on one social media platform and give it your all…I say…NO!

Yes, take time to build on one platform, then look for 1, 2 or 3 more where you can syndicate your offer, working on them in the same manner, always have a backstop so you don’t go straight down the drain when the digital gods strike you down.

All Of Your Eggs In One Basket?

Why Bother Having A Website/Blog

What’s the secret, what’s the game plan?

Well, above I have outlined part of the “system”, you need to start to be everywhere, within reason and time constraints naturally.

Next, ensure you have a website or blog…seem a bit “old school” to you?

Think again.

Seeking buyer intent is about finding an audience that is interested in the niche you are promoting. And let’s say, gathering people on social media is your initial method…now, when you put something in front of people, the chances of them “converting” is around 3%…and, if you think about it, won’t the potential customers want to check you out?

When you are on social media and something, say an offer, catches your eye…what do you do?

Usually, if this is an attention-grabbing ad campaign, there is a link…click the link…sends you to a sales page, lead capture page or their general service website. (more of that later)

Now if you are inspired by this type of ad or some sales pitch within a post, what do you do then?

Do you immediately pitch in your bucks? Mostly, I think not…you go and do a bit of research… check them out for credibility…you look for their website…does it feel like they are the sort of people you want to do business with?

And that, as previously eluded to, is why you need a website or blog…old school to a degree but people are basically searching for your “business card”.

Having a website has many benefits, the primary one is that YOU OWN IT…your offer, means of contact, and purchasing mechanism are all there. Ensure you have a lead capture method in place, something like a sign-up for a free newsletter, free eBook a discount voucher and start building your list.

Owning your own website means you can also monetise it in many ways. Check This Out

The Money Is In The List

It’s an oldie but goldie quote and done correctly, you are capturing an audience that resonates with your niche, product, and service…but rest assured won’t necessarily make a purchase straight off!

The truth of the matter is, and this is relevant to all advertising whether on social media platforms or any other medium, statistically, it can take exposure to an offer, 7 TIMES, before a person may convert.

Now, think about that, in the world of passive scrolling on social platforms, you pass a gazillion ads, but advertisers are vying for a minimum of 7 exposures to those with buyer intent or to motivate people to be encouraged to become a buyer. With split-second scrolling, it’s a hard, and expensive market.

Your aim is to be everywhere and use all means to drive people to a website or blog, encourage people to join your email subscriber list (freebie, discount, whatever)…and then NURTURE your audience…don’t start firing sales pitches at them every day.

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Remember The Rule Of 7

What I want to mention here is the ROI on email marketing, one of the oldest digital communication methods we have AND a massive percentage of the population has access to email…not everyone is on FB, Insta, X etc….keep that in mind!

Recent data states that for every dollar spent on email marketing, the ROI is…$36.00! I know where my focus is, lol.

Now, with returns like that, surely that is worth your time and say a small amount of investment?

Your investment, will, depending on your financial situation, primarily be, time and yes a bit of money (website creation and email marketing autoresponder services usually have low start-up and monthly payment options).

A worthy note with respect to content, whether it be for your social platform, blog, website or subscriber list:

Make It Informational, Give Value, Be Subtle On Your Pitch!

This is a basic overview of a system and real-world knowledge that I have gained over the years…a good basis for many of you to follow. There are many other pieces of the jigsaw that I am happy to share and will do with you in future articles, and for anyone out there who feels they could use a bit of guidance from the guy in the cave in Spain, drop by and message me…IT’S FREE TO TALK 🙂

Until Next Time

Dominus Owen Markham

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