The day starts, somewhere between 0530 and 0600, not because I am keen and focused on some fascinating project…the chickens are clucking and the goats are bleating for their breakfast.

At this time of year, currently August, the mornings are refreshingly cool, a precursor to the daily blaze of between 45c and 50c, I joke not.

Living in rural Spain, is a wonderful thing, the views across the valley, the somewhat old school way of life still centring around the small rustic town, some 12km from us. There were certainly enough amenities in the town to get us through the COVID times, of that we are ever grateful as lockdown in Spain was a little stricter than some other places, I know.

And so, to work, checking the internet is still connected…yes, living in this idyllic location and a cave for a home, does have some drawbacks, especially where online working is concerned.

Our system is a WiMax Antenna, if that means anything to anyone, we only have one viable supplier in the area and their technical bandwidth is 30Mb down, 3Mb up…I am laughing as I write this, 70% of the time we are lucky to get 7 or 8Mb down and 1Mb up. Plus outages are common, and I don’t mean just a quick glitch, I mean hours even days.

I can hear you already saying, “Just get satellite”, been down that route and for one reason or another the suppliers, besides Elon of course, generally cant supply ongoing bandwidth, they cut off at midnight or 0100 down to 3Mb….not ideal a) If you want to stream a box set b) run a business that encompasses global time zones c) being an insomniac of many years, well need I say more?

So, running a business that focuses around website design, social media marketing, copywriting and all manner of facetime training sessions, meetings and consultations…well, can be a tad difficult.

However, being a caveman has the advantage, when inferno hot outside, the inner sanctum remains low 20 degrees centigrade even when it is 50c outside….oh yes, no aircon required, we live inside a mountain basically that shelters us from harsh weather.

Therefore, when the internet is kind, I can crack on with my digital world domination, and in my down time perhaps catch a box set or two. And when its not kind, I concentrate my work to preparing work offline to push out into the world, when its ready for me lol.

My message, I think, is clear, whilst things can hit bumps in the road, being resourceful and looking at work arounds, is what you have to do, IF you intend making your business, no matter what niche, work.

Until Next Time

Caveman Dominus
Fuente Nueva, Orce, Spain

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